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Papaya Honey Juice Making Method - Easy Way

Papaya Honey Juice making method by easy way. How to make Papaya Honey Juice or the recipe the Papaya Honey Juice ? Get Papaya Honey Juice making method here

Papaya Honey Juice Making Method - Easy Way

Papaya Honey Juice Making Method

Papaya Honey Juice: Papaya is great for digestion and weight loss, as it is high in fiber. It is full of an enzyme called papain. It is also an excellent source of vitamin C. It also protects you from the sun and helps reduce acne.

Just mix fresh papaya cubes with honey, and enjoy papaya and honey juice.

Beauty doesn't just deepen the skin, it comes from within. All the treatments you invest heavily in can produce temporary, short-term results. What you feed your skin is always with it. For ever beautiful and glowing skin, there is a healthy diet that you should aim for, especially foods that are known to be healthy for the skin.

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This drink with orange and papaya is just a summer drink that you should have at home for your natural skin care routine. Two very favorite fruits come together to make this skin nectar. Take years off your skin and regain your radiance with this healthy drink.

Some Sngredients For Making Papay Honey Juice

1 cup ripe papaya pieces.

1 cup of orange juice.

2 tablespoons of honey.

Ice cube

How to make papaya honey juice ?

If you want to make papaya honey juice you can know here. Papaya honey juice making method easily here.

1 - Peel an orange and dash all the strips of orange.

2 - Mix orange peel, papaya, sugar / honey and mint leaves in a juicer / mixer. If the juice is too thick, add a little water.

3 - Pour the drink into a glass and top or serve with ice cubes.

Cool after refrigeration for a while

Take care of your skin naturally and maintain its health and radiance with this easy drink of orange papaya. If you have more skin care tips like this, share them with us in the comments section below.


Take papaya and honey in a blender.

Blend until smooth paste.

Transfer to a glass.

Add ice cubes.

Serve chilled.

Important Note:

If you are making it for kids and don't mind the calories, you can add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and make it look like a milk shake.

If you are aware of calories, reduce sugar and use low fat milk.

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